Watson & Cox Homes Customer Charter
This Customer Charter sets out our commitments to you, the Home Buyer, to ensure you receive the service and level of information you require through every stage of your house purchase.

1. We comply with all the requirements of the Consumer Code for Home Builders (the Code).


2. We display our Customer Charter and the Code on our website. We will also give you a copy of either of these documents if you ask for one and we will automatically give you copies if you reserve a Watson & Cox Home.


3. We have formal processes to ensure we provide reliable and consistent service to our Home Buyers.


4. Our staff are trained to understand the Code and our legal responsibilities. Any agencies we use to help sell our Homes are made aware of the Code and our Customer Charter.


5. Our sales and advertising material is always clear and truthful and complies with the law.


6. All through the sales process, at pre-reservation, reservation and pre-contract periods we will give you appropriate information about the Home to help you make informed decisions about the purchase before you make a binding commitment to purchasing it. This information will always be fair and reliable and in plain language.


7. All through the sales process we will ensure you are aware of whom you should contact, and how, if you have any questions related to the purchase. If for any reason you are unsure at any stage you can always contact our Head Office by calling 01933 677777.


8. We will give you reliable information about the NHBC Buildmark cover and any guarantees and warranties which are relevant to you.


9. All visitors to our sites are informed about the Health and Safety precautions they should take.


10. We advise all our Home Buyers to appoint a professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities of buying the Home and you are never restricted, by us, as to who your choice of legal representative is.


11. We provide all relevant information to you so that you fully and properly understand the terms of the purchase and your cancellation rights.


12. Our sales contracts are always clear, fair and comply with the law.


13. Throughout the construction of your home we will keep you informed as to the approximate date of completion this will become more definite as completion nears. Once the property has been signed off by the NHBC and we have received a completion notice, a legal completion date can be fixed.


14. Once a completion date has been fixed and we have exchanged contracts you will be responsible for insuring the property.


15. On completion day your legal representative will forward the balance of funds enabling us to hand over the keys of the property to you. One of our dedicated team will show you your new home and demonstrate the fixtures, systems and appliances before you move in, to ensure that you are familiar with their operation. You will also receive a useful handover pack that contains detailed information on your property, the appliances in it and any other relevant information to help you settle in to your new home.


16. We are confident that your new home will live up to your expectations but if you do encounter any damage or defects, within the two years that follow completion, please at the first instance report this to us by sending us an email to or if it is an emergency such as leaks, electrical or heating problems call our head office on 01933 677777. Our response time for an emergency Monday to Friday will be within 24 hours, for non-urgent problems it will be within 3 days.


17. If at any stage you are not satisfied with any of our service, you will be informed about our procedures for dealing with complaints including the availability of any services that can help resolve concerns about warranties. We will co-operate with appropriately qualified professional advisers that you may appoint.


18. Our Customer Charter does not affect your statutory rights.


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